Luba Holland

Vivaldi/Storm (2019)

19.7x19.7x0.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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The idea is to create works of art that reflect the feelings and emotions of poetry and music, which are not illustrations, but rather the output of the energy born in them.
This artwork is the interpretation of "Storm" by Antonio Vivaldi. Storms are not rare visitors of Munich. They appear with a short warning from the weather forecasters, make a mess in the streets, raise into the sky piles of leaves only recently carefully collected by the street cleaner. The leaves are nothing! Storm breaks down branches and tear up trees with roots, turn over garbage bins, keeps drivers in fear and chases pedestrians home... Storm is an amazing substance, it is impossible to touch, and yet it is material as a blanket covering us at night, or as a boy on a bike that knocks us down. I tried to visualize the movement of storm energy, wrapped around that girl from across the street. She was beautiful in her captivity, she didn't struggle, she enjoyed it! She was a storm herself.


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