Luba Holland


Fine Art exhibition "E-motion-S"

Savoyenstra├če 8, 80638 Munich, Germany

Friday 17 May 2019
Tuesday 19 March 2019

Do art works that we keep in our houses or work environment affect our mood or energy level? Do colors affect our well-being?

The artists Astrid Link, Luba Holland and Lydia Kalasz dedicate their exhibition with the title "E-motion-S" to these questions.
In their color-intensive works of art, it becomes clear that colors and life are interconnected and inseparable.
The group captures emotions through skillful color selection and reinforces them in their art works. The resulting inspiring atmosphere evokes a mood full of energy that affects our well-being.

The focus is on the variety of colors in various motifs. 3 artists work in different styles, with different media and with different
techniques such as oil, acrylic, watercolor and silk painting.
With her theme "Landscape Traces" Lydia Kalasz presents a completely new and timeless way to convey a harmonious interplay of colors.
Astrid Link captures the emotions of movements and static moments that she creates in her work.
The artist trio is completed by Luba Holland's interpretations of portraits.
For Luba Holland the goal is to create paintings that would become a source of energy in your environment and will convey something that cannot be seen or touched, such as silence, inspiration, serenity, calmness or spiritual storm.

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