Luba Holland

Profound motivation is in creating connections with the viewers, these connections become important and potentially significant for both parties.


In my art  I try to depict  things that exist beyond physical  tangible substances. Being a professional interior architect, I transfer my passion for  inner space balance  into my art.  What becomes important  is inner feelings, emotions, mood of a person. In my imagination I travel around the world of absolutely untamed emotions, whether calm or hysterical, but sincere, trying to give them physical expression through shapes and colors. 

Profound motivation is in creating connections with the viewers, these connections become important and potentially significant for both parties. Like donors' blood, my artwork "saves" the viewers.  Infusing  with emotions, it reminds them of the human ability to feel.  As a donor of emotion, I'm being revitalized myself through this process again and again with each artwork. Cultivating beauty and creativity is part of my essence.

My love for diverse artistic styles, embedded in me through absorbing European culture, captivated by minimalism, as well as my native Russian and Tatar cultures, rich in decor and colors,  splashes  out on canvases in various ways. Working with acrylic paints, I employ a bold color palette, fluid style gives some abstraction to my realistically rendered portraits and elaborated patterns. 

I teach by day and paint by night. Some paintings are spontaneous and take just few night hours to create, some are - results of thorough and extensive mental process. But all of them come from a lifelong accumulation of my personal emotional experiences as a result of encounters with amazing destinies.


Abram Efimovich Archipov, Adam Ferguson, Nadja Rusheva


1994-2000 Architectural Academy, Kazan, Russia
1990-1994 College of Art, Kazan, Russia
Luba Holland

The artist at work


2021 Bronze Artist of "Gardens" call. "ArtAscent" international art magazine. United States

2020 "DECOR" creative contest. 2nd place in "Colour" category from Bozen, Italy

Solo Expositions

2021 "No Middleman Gallery" online, United States

Collective Expositions

2021 Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft Königlich Privilegiert 1868. Jahres Ausstellung München, Germany

2021 "Calmness and Freedom" online, Germany

2020 United Photo Press Creative artists, Electricity museum Funchal, Portugal

2020 "3 Herzen" Munich, Germany

2020 "Love Revolution" India

2019 "ArtBox project" Zürich, Switzerland

2019 "TierischBunt" Munich, Germany

2019 "E-motion-s" Munich, Germany

2019 International Digital Exhibition New York, United States

2018 "Three" Exhibition of works by three Munich artists. McArthur&McArthur Studios, Munich, Germany

2018 International Art Festival "Love and Inspiration" Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, South Korea

2018 International Festival of visual arts "Human and Environment Khuzestan, Dezful., Iran

2017 “Portraits” Kunstforum Arabellapark, Munich, Germany

2017 “Hoop en Verbondenheid/ Espoir et Fraternite” CC Achterolmen, Maaseik, Belgium

2017 “Global Reactive Art Exhibition” Mardleybury Gallery, Datchworth, United Kingdom

2016 ”People East Art” Contemporary Art Museum, Ahwaz, Iran

2016 “People East Art” Cinematic and Cultural Complex, Dezful, Iran

2016 "Gogyoshi Art project" National Museum of Kumanovo, Kumanovo,, North Macedonia

2016 "Gogyoshi art project" Oostburg, Netherlands

2016 “2nd International Environment Exhibition” Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, South Korea

Permanent Collections

2021 Private collection Fareham, United Kingdom

2019 Private collection Munich, Germany

2018 Private collection Australia

2018 "Nympth of the fields" Museum of modern art. Geodje, South Korea

2016 "Winds and waves" Museum of modern art. Geodje, South Korea

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